The Mekong Energy and Ecology Network (MEE Net) was established in 2008 under the Foundation for Ecological Recovery (FER), as a sister organization of Toward Ecological Recovery and Regional Alliance (TERRA). MEE Net aims to address the energy problem region-wide by developing an “energy network” to monitor the electricity sector and to develop analyses and strategies that are effective in challenging mega-infrastructure within the sector.


Under the leadership of Director Witoon Permpongsacharoen, the MEE Net network comprises of over 40 partner organizations spanning across the region, bringing together partners from all six Mekong countries to address energy and power issues at a regional level.


Action Research & Monitoring

Monitoring the rapid policy changes occurring in the Mekong region whilst carrying out research on sustainable energy development


Disseminating research and engaging in policy debates and dialogues with decision-makers for a more sustainable development in the energy sector


Bringing together organizations and local communities concerned with energy and environmental issues in order to share experiences and expertise

Capacity Building

Organizing tailored workshops with partner organizations and local communities in order to enhance knowledge of power sector issues in the region

In the Mekong Region, government concern for rapid economic growth has led to unsustainable development projects. Large-scale investments crowd out space for more efficient, localized development projects. At the center of these large-scale investments lies the rapid development of massive electricity power projects.


Unfortunately, these projects have extreme impacts on local communities and the environment as well as lacking transparency and accountability. Action by civil society is often uncoordinated between countries and insufficient as the power sector is seen as a technical issue, thus discouraging civil society to participate. 


MEE Net addresses the growing problem of unsustainable large-scale energy infrastructure in the Mekong region by bringing together activists, academia, civil society, scientists and local communities from the Mekong countries. In creating an 'energy network', our work centers on action research and monitoring, capacity building, advocacy and networking.