The Mekong Energy and Ecology Network addresses the growing problem of unsustainable large-scale energy infrastructure in the Mekong region by bringing together activists, academia, civil society, scientists and local communities from the Mekong countries. In creating an 'energy network', our goal is to ensure that energy development in the Mekong region is democratic, sustainable, transparent, economically rational, environmentally sound and socially just.




Bringing together organizations and local communities concerned with energy and environmental issues in order to share experiences and expertise

Action Research

Monitoring and analysing the rapid policy changes occurring in the Mekong region whilst carrying out research on sustainable energy development


Disseminating research and engaging in policy debates and dialogues with decision-makers for a more sustainable development in the energy sector

Capacity Building

Organizing tailored workshops with partner organizations and local communities in order to enhance knowledge of power sector issues in the Mekong region




Our research is centered on three thematic areas which are relevant to the region
Follow the Money Trail

MEE Net actively monitors government policies on investments and the rapid development of the Greater Mekong Subregion grid in order to highlight the connections between capital and profit-making in the energy sector.

Know Your Power

In order to foster a more democratic and participatory process for all power sector stakeholders, MEE Net supports regional civil society organizations in developing the capacity to engage in power policy planning and decision-making.

Transboundary Issues

MEE Net studies the transboundary impacts faced by neighboring countries as a result of one country’s decisions to develop energy projects, as well as the regional mechanisms in place with respect to specific technologies and projects.





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